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Re: Purchase Update

On Fri, Jan 21, 2000 at 06:51:15PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> Today I went to Daiwa & Active Electronics again and bought parts for the
> motor circuit, IR emitter circuit, IR detectors, and SRAM.  The IR

Were you able to find wide-angle IR detectors, or did you only buy the
narrow angle detectors?

[I was hoping you'd grab at least one of the wide-angle detectors
 so we could compare that in practice to the narrow-angle detectors.
 Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking clearly/quickly enough to mention this
 earlier today.  Sorry...]

WRT showing Malone an IR circuit by Thursday, it's fortunate that
Active had restocked their supply of IR devices, anyways.

> PS Tim, the protoboard was a good buy.  (They cost the same amt of $$ at
> Daiwa, but there's no discount.)

I'm not surprised: the prices on those things are amazingly consistent.
Please remember to put my name on the board, somewhere.  Thanks.

Signature withheld by request of author.