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Re: Thursday, Jan. 20

> I don't know what Cindy is planning to do, but presumably I'll
> find-out during lunch.  :)

Just so I have it on record and perhaps a little more detail after our
"lunch" discussion.

I will be making the base platform today.  After doing some scale
drawings last night, I should be able to start as soon as Prof. Malone
opens the shop.  I will also be cutting the upper platforms as well.
After cutting the platforms and seeing a realistic physical size, I shall
be making a decision as to how many of the 8 supports I'll really need
(those scale drawings put things in perspective but I think it'll be even
more clear when I hold the plastic in my hands =)  Holes will be drilled
and whatnot accordingly.

To ease Joyce's worries, I will test the motors again to measure current
(yikes) and voltage.

This weekend, I shall pay a visit to Cosco and check out their prices for
batteries.  It's highly probable that I shall purchase some there so that
real testing may occur.

Sheet metal wil be purchased tomorrow.

Upon reviewing my drawings after simplifications/modifications to the
interface rack design, I think I can adjust my work schedule to spend more
time on the batteries, motors, and the lower platform in general.  I know
it may be bad to not stick with the schedule, but I think it's worth it to
spend more time on the more important part.  A little unrealistic in the
beginning about the schedule I suppose.

Okay, long enough e-mail.