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Thursday, Jan. 20

Okay, as usual, my plans for Thursday...

I don't know what Cindy is planning to do, but presumably I'll
find-out during lunch.  :)

  For the first X minutes of the lab, I won't have much to do.  I'll
  probably solder DB9 connectors onto the 6502 board.  If either of you
  (Cindy, Joyce) want help with something, X is the time for that...
  X may equal zero, depending on Malone.
  At some point, Malone will have a modification to the 6502 boards
  ready.  At this point, I will try the modification and try to run a
  small demo.c file on the board.  If Joyce has a motor control circuit
  ready, I shall quickly write a control routine for that and test the
  puppy.  If Joyce does not have a motor control routine, I shall try
  to make the monitor program work so that I can download code from my
  computer onto the 6502 board.
My understanding of Joyce's plans is that she hopes to make the new
motor control circuit work.  I don't know what Cindy is planning.

Aside: It would be useful if we had an old computer to play with.  I think
       I can get ahold of an acceptable one without undue difficulty, but if
       either of you grabbed one of the free computers from Malone's junk
       days, that would be even easier.

My estimate for damaging the computer is <1% chance, but even at that,
$1000 * 0.01 = $100 is still a bigger statistical loss than I like.  :)

Aside #2: I didn't add www.supremetronic.com to the weblinks, since
          the page is 100% content-free.

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