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I managed to buy the following parts at Daiwa (Active Electronics is
a rip-off! <and they are out of stock on some stuff>):

	two 27C64 chips	$5.6 each
	1   6264	$6.5

Active sells these 27C64 for $7.99, and the 28C64 (EEPROM) for $18.99.
Daiwa doesn't have EEPROMs.  Neither store stocks 65C22.

Some bad news (or good news in disguise?):  Active Electroincs is sold out
of the IR detectors and emitters recommended by Malone.  Now I guess we
can look for better alternatives (see I don't have to do EVERYTHING by the
book).  I wonder why people didn't buy their comp parts at Daiwa....

I also bought a couple of 16 pin sockets for myeslf.  I can't find
transistor sockets... but I know I'm supposed to stick the transistors in
transistor sockets....  Maybe I'll have to visit Active Surplus or
Supremetronics again this weekend.

That's about it.  

I'll probably be back at New later this evening if you want to see the
memory chips tonight, Tim.

Joyce :)