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Hi troops!

Joyce:  1. Thanks for bringing me whatever tools you'll be bringing.  =)
	2. I guess I've been preoccupied with the motor attachments and
the upper part of our robot that I haven't really thought about the
mechanical sensors.  Thanks for bringing it up.  I don't envision too
many complications to add these sensors on.  You know the designs I
showed you of the bottom layer?  I think I'll have to make the wheels a
little bit closer to the centre of the robot so that I leave enough room
for the foam and the sensors - that is all.  As for the actual mounting of
the sensors, they would be inside the protection of the foam right?  Like
I said, shouldn't be too difficult.  More concrete decisions will be made
when I see those little babies.

Umm...maybe I've been concentrating too much on drawing that everything
seems so visibly self-explanatory.  I'm not sure what to write for the
electro-mech part of the proposal.  Does he (Malone) want me to write
stuff like:  It should be robust and so, we have decided to use materials
such as Lexan, sheet metal (possibily), wood in hidden parts (cuz it's not
photogenic!) and velcro.  Stuff like that?