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Re: Last points

Good afternoon all,

I'm right now at home, but I think I'll probably go back to New later this
evening (with an assortment of tools that I think Cindy may find useful).
I didn't ask Cindy this before, but is there something that you might need
(a tool or parts) but you don't have.  I might be able to rummage through
my dad's stuff and bring the req parts.

Thanks, Tim, for offering to help with the circuits.  I will call you
l8ter tonight if I'm really in deep water.  There is also a couple of
things I have to discuss with you concerning whether stuff should be done
by the circuit or by the computer (&how this will affect timing & speed

As for the distance (this was something that I wanted to talk to you about
too), I think it is indeed possible to get a sense of the distance of the
enemy using A/D converter after a few stages of filter/amplification.
There is no need to use sonar or radio to accomplish this task. Again, I
don't know how this will affect the timing or whether this will take up
too many ports on the comp board etc..

Malone did not mention people using radio for this project.  Hmm... 

For Cindy -- I guess I should have thought more about sensor mounting
before, but I was too preoccupied by the circuitry part than the
structural details.  To increase the sensitivity of the touch sensors
(which will be microswitches), we can hook each switch to a lever arm and
attach a hinged bumper to the arm.  See below for my attempt to explain
this through ASCII art...
	 /|  |
	/ |__|  a micro switch (when the slanted part makes contact with
the box, then the connection is closed ie we hit something)

	To increase sensitivity:

	   / <- hinged bumper
	  /	  __
	 /	/|  |
	/------/ |__|
	   |__ lever arm

		The microswitch is attached to the lever arm which is
attached to the hinged bumper.  

	We might want the latter setup for our robot.  We haven't thought
much about the bumper before.  Having the more sensitive touch sensors
will affect the structure of our robot.  Any thoughts on the bumper

Lastly, I just wanted to know what will be happening since there are no
TAs.  Malone hasn't said anything yet, right?

That's about all for now.  Have a nice rest of the weekend.

Joyce :)