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Re: Last points

On Sat, Jan 08, 2000 at 11:38:39AM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> > Hey.  I thought this was supposed to be design-free Fridays.  What's
> > he doing sending design-related email?  ;-)
> Design-free Fridays?  Are you kidding?  Do you remember how many people we
> saw at Active Surplus?  Come on!

At one point Malone said not to send him design-related email on
Fridays.  I've already broken that rule.  He broke it in kind.  :)

> As for the whole tactics thing, does that mean we're going to look harder
> for radio and ultrasound implementations?  Are we going to mention those
> in our proposal?

Uhm.  I thought we'd more or less come to a yes conclusion for radio
and negative for ultrasonic.  Joyce?

[This was the stuff we were supposed to have been deciding on Thursday
 when we decided to do a crossword puzzle instead...  :-]

One thing that I don't think we did decide (_dope!_) was whether to
include diagrams for the construction of dropped radio beacons.  This
is a little tricky since we don't know how large the circuitry and
power supply need to be for a dropped radio beacon.  I'd say go ahead
and draw some bs, and if necessary, they can be modified in
retrospect.  Pending Joyce's answer that she does/will have radio
circuits drawn, of course.

Joyce: It's not going to take me all day to draw my diagrams,
       so I can help-out later tonight if necessary??

[At the moment I'm checking email every 20 minutes, so expect a fairly
 fast reply to anything you say...unless I'm asleep and don't wake-up].

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