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Re: Reflected Signal Problem

On Fri, Nov 26, 1999 at 12:54:17AM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> > be bumper-level (should be beacon-level), and 2) your suggestion
> > (see message-id:  Pine.SGI.3.96.991124224315.11207809A-100000@skule.ecf)
> Assuming that we want to go at our full speed most of the time, I can't
> help but wonder how fragile these sensors are.  The mechanical sensors in
> comparision to the beacon sensors?  If we were to put these sensors at the
> beacon level, wouldn't there be a chance of us damaging our beacon
> sensors?  Also, there is no "beacon level"!  The beacon on top of our

<shrug>  I don't see that [no "beacon level"] as a problem.  :)
The idea is that we want to have these extra emittors as near as
possible to the enemy beacon that is on top of robot.  That's what
I mean by "beacon level".  The corresponding extra sensors would
be as near as possible to our normal sensors.

> where our beacon sensors are and the question of how "robust" these things
> are comes up again.

No more so than that question comes-up for our normal sensors, or for
the enemy's emitter (beacon).

If we were to put them at bumper-level, where Joyce suggested, then
they would need more robustness consideration than the normal

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