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Re: Reflected Signal Problem

> be bumper-level (should be beacon-level), and 2) your suggestion
> (see message-id:  Pine.SGI.3.96.991124224315.11207809A-100000@skule.ecf)
> that we simply decide a surface is reflective after bumping-into it
> several times, is extremely unsatisfactory.  I can outline the
> reasons why, if requested, but you may be able to imagine a few of
> the reasons...

Assuming that we want to go at our full speed most of the time, I can't
help but wonder how fragile these sensors are.  The mechanical sensors in
comparision to the beacon sensors?  If we were to put these sensors at the
beacon level, wouldn't there be a chance of us damaging our beacon
sensors?  Also, there is no "beacon level"!  The beacon on top of our
robot is going to be smaller in size than our upper-most layer (which I'm
assuming is what you're really referring to Tim).  Again, that's probably
where our beacon sensors are and the question of how "robust" these things
are comes up again.