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Re: Tag-playing strategies [was: Re: Preparation for Proposal?]

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 08:24:21PM -0500, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
> I don't think tag-playing strategies requires too much thought for
> the immediate moment...we sense the enemy and we move towards the
> enemy.  We don't sense the enemy and we move in increasingly large
> circles until we do sense the enemy.  We run into a baracade and we
> make one attempt to go past it (by backing-up and turning x number of
> degrees (0 < x < 15) and then continueing forward).  If that fails,
> we choose a new direction to travel in and ignore any beacon-sensor
> input temporarily.

Since I wasn't clear: this is the strategy for when we are the
attacking robot.  When we are the defending robot, a slightly
different strategy is needed.  I'm still considering that strategy.
Is it better to move always or not move unless we need to?  What
considerations will our sensor range have on this?

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