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Meet Maloney on Wednesday?

Since we happen to have a comporg midterm on Wednesday, it would be a
good idea to decide now whether we intend to meet Malone again on
Wednesday (if we don't, then I have Wednesday morning to study
comporg, which makes a pretty big difference in my life...  :-).

I am definately strongly in favour of seeing him again Wednesday.

This is my read on seeing him today .... We came there with what was
more or less the question "where do we start?" (although not quite
phrased that way...  ;).  I think that if we go see him again on
Wednesday, we should try to advance a little bit beyond that
question.  :) :)  I also think that he essentially started turning
our meeting _into_ the proposal (or at least a preview there-of).
If at the end of it he thinks we (collectively and individually)
know what we're doing, that's it.  I think we incorrectly had
(have?) the idea that the proposal is in any way formal.

I have no physics lab on Tuesday.  I don't know if either of you have
a lab.  I don't know when (or how much) you plan to study for comporg.
It would be possible for me to spend Tuesday afternoon discussing what
type of "sketches" etc. that Malone wants, but I don't want to
pressure anyone into discussing the project Tuesday afternoon if they
need to be studying comporg, or studying for the apm quiz...

We do plan to meet after Tuesday physics, but that'll be relatively
short (I have class at 12:00).  If you're interested, that would
be a good opportunity for me to show you how to share directories
on ecf, though...

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