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Re: Meet Maloney on Wednesday?

I don't think we should see Malone so soon (ie next Wed).  We should
probably meet another 2-3 (if not more) times before we see him again.  At
that point, maybe we can present him with our proposal too.  I think we
won't have much more new stuff to tell him next Wed and we'll be shooed

I have a physics lab on Tuesday.  And I was hoping that if I can have 12-2
for lunch and some last minute APM studying.

Comp Org Wednesday Morning!

We could meet again on Thursday in the afternoon if you don't mind, &
again on Fri (I'm free from 10-2 -- I have the quiz at 9 and lab at 2).
We can always meet on the weekend as well.  I think to make our next visit
with Malone as effective as possible, we should have more concrete ideas.

We should then proceed to see Malone the week after next.  Possibly on the
Wed or Fri.

Joyce :)