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Lab Books

In the event that the TAs mark the labbooks, please gently encourage
them to read the associated labdisk, or website, if the contents of
the disk were also made available on a website in an effort to decrease the
activation energy required.

> Would you mind posting something on the design web about the
> 6502 compiler?  Separately, could you make a tar-gzip file of

[All of the following is written with the appreciation that you may
 not be teaching the course next year, that 6502 boards may not be used
 by whoever replaces you, etc.]

I put the stuff, incl. sources for cc65, at
http://people.FreeBSD.org/~hoek/aer6502/.  I have also placed
everything from that website into one giant tarfile at
http://www.ecf.toronto.edu/~vanderh/aer6502_everything.tar.gz .

This does not include the modified monitor program.  I am not legally
allowed to distribute the monitor code.  If a student requests the
code from you, I can provide it to you.  Most of the modifications
are fairly simple (for someone familiar with monitor.asm, that is
... modifying the monitor to work was the most time-consuming part
of this, although it did work first-try (modulo host hardware
problems) once I finished).

Although our robot was not a success, nobody in our group believes
that cc65 was in any way implicated in this.  I believe, in fact,
that its use (combined with the monitor and my console program)
was extremely helpful in debugging the IR sensors.  The failure of
our robot was a result of nobody having sufficient leadership to
stand-up and insist "Okay, this XXX thing is absolutely not going to
work.  It is time to trash it and start over."  This in turn can be
blamed on lack of experience, I suppose.  Regardless, cc65 was not
responsible and at this point I have tested it enough and refined
it enough that I feel comfortable encouraging other would-be groups
to use it.

Signature withheld by request of author.