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Many Things


   1) Practical Robotics
   2) Lab Days
   3) Locker Cleanout
   4) Found Kit Parts
   5) Outstanding Kits
   6) Purchase Advance
   7) Policy on Owed Things
   8) Hints for Fluids

1) Practical Robotics

After checking my December packing lists for the kits, I find the 
following copies of Practical Robotics are outstanding:


These are expected in with the kit or if the kit is already in, on one
of the following days....

2) Lab Days

    There are two more opportunities to access the lab
before June (maybe September):  

     Tuesday April 25th  
           9am-10am     kit returns only (7 kits outstanding)
           11am-12:30   deposit returns and other business

     Wednesday April 26th 
           9am-12:30    any outstanding business
           *** if you are bringing a kit for return, arrive by 10am ***

If you have any other reason to access the lab, or to see me, please 
do so on these days.  If you are afraid you have lost some kit parts,
maybe they have already been turned in;  see 4)

3) Locker and Lab Cleanout

Please make sure you have cleaned out everything from your lockers
and everything from SF 4103.  All that should be left is you project
in SF 4003, no extra bags or boxes of stuff.

4) Found kit parts:

power bars: 39, 59, 62, 53

sidecutters: 12,64,1

strippers: 59,62

wood: 18

wrist strap: 50? 60?, 69

desoldering pump: 64, 56

pliers: 68

miniclips: 6

chip puller: 13

There may be other parts yet to be returned so this is not a 
complete list.  If a part of yours is on this list and your kit
is in, you must come to collect the remainder of your deposit.
If your kit is still out, your deposit will automatically be 
adjusted when you turn the kit in.  

5) Outstanding Kits

The following people have outstanding kits and are needed to 
return their kits and sign for their deposits:

C. Krueger
D. Sutherland
J. van Vliet
T. Fitzsimmons
A.J. Kossman
C. Bies
R. Thistle

6) Purchase Advance

Please check to see if you have purchase advance money coming to you:


Only the person who is listed as having money is permitted to 
sign for and pick up money.  

7) Policy on Owed Things

If you owe the lab money, either for your purchase advance, kit, or
otherwise, or if you owe the lab equipment or materials (like a kit),
take care of that in the two available days.  Grades will be held for
individuals or groups with outstanding money or items until reparations
are made. 

8) Hints for Fluids:

**I have not seen the exam or talked to anyone about it** these are 
just guesses without even looking at the course notes.

Symmetry: Why symmetry?  Well, like a certain Prof has said many times
  when trying to apply math to a problem in physics...
  "Without symmetry there is very little that can be calculated." ---
  *This is even more true on time-limited exams*

Conservation: Yes, so?  If within a control volume there is no time variance,
  "steady conditions", conserving material (volume or volume rates), 
  conserving momentum and balancing forces (like free body diagrams) along 
  with symmetry will really help.

Derive: Get ready to derive something --- it is a math course.

Jacobians: Because they are just too useful.

Good Luck

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  - 
M.J. Malone,  Assistant Professor
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
4925 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario, M3H 5T6
Email Address: malone@aerospace.utoronto.ca     **** Email is best!
UTIAS Office: rm 183, phone: (416) 667-7942
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