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Scanned Stuff

Okay, I spent better than 1.5 hours (!!!) fiddling with various scanners
(the ones at Robarts SUCK, friendly fr0sh have much better ones).  I'm
still not particularly happy with the output.  These are about as good
as I can get them with various photoediting.  A paintbrush tool can do
some more touch-up on the scanned images.  However...

There has got to be a better way to do this, Joyce.....

Perhaps photocopy, then scan.

Actually, for these simple images, they could be done in something
like Paintbrush altogether, but I would find that a rather slow and
painful process...

The test scanned images are included as attachments to this email.
I've also included the text that goes along with the attachments.
Comments welcome...

Signature withheld by request of author.

Attachment: 42521.gif
Description: GIF image

Attachment: 42522.gif
Description: GIF image

Attachment: 42523.gif
Description: GIF image Response to striking an obstacle

	Zeta was outfitted with 8 bumpers centred at
evenly-spaced angles.  Figure shows the centre of each
bumper.  No bumpers were centred at 0 degrees or at 180 degrees;
this ensured that it would always appear to the software as if
Zeta struck obstacles at some indirect angle.  The strategy
module responded to collisions by reflecting Zeta off of the
obstacle as light reflects off of a mirror.  Zeta drove in the
reflected direction for a distance of 1 metre before resuming her
normal operation.
	The method of reflecting Zeta off of obstacles was intended
to improve her persue and evade abilities when the opposition was
within sensor range.  Figure shows the expected behaviour
when Zeta is persued into a corner.  Figure shows the
expected behaviour when Zeta is persued directly into a wall.  In
the latter case, whether Zeta proceeds along the course shown in frame
B or the course shown in frame C depends on which of the two front
bumpers is set-off first.  In all cases, the persuer has had to
slow its speed in order to adjust its direction as Zeta bounces off the walls.