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Re: Bumpers etc.

Everything is in the locker.  I didn't take anything with me.


On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Joyce Poon wrote:

> In order to facililate my work on Wed (re Bumpers), I will need the
> following:
> 	From Cindy:
> 		Superglue (is it in the locker?)
> 		Hard wire
> 		Sandpaper
> 	If you could give this to me tomorrow in physics class, that'll be
> great.
> 	From locker/Tim:
> 		New sensors
> 		Soldering iron
> 		Glue gun
> 		Robot (base and touch sensors... but if it's more
> convenient to keep everything together, then just leave it together)
> 	Pls give this stuff to me sometime tonight or tomorrow afternoon
> (I have artsy class till 2pm and I plan to start on this at 2:30).
> My plan is to get all the sensors fixed and remounted (no work for you
> guys hopefully) before Skule Nite ends.  After Skule Nite, Tim should come
> by and pick up the robot so that he could test the comp program.  If I am
> super good, then I'll even have the IR stuff ready.
> 	Estimated time to complete new bumpers: 3.5 hrs.
> 	So I should be able to pull it off.
> 	IR could be trickier...
> Joyce :)