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Bumpers etc.

In order to facililate my work on Wed (re Bumpers), I will need the

	From Cindy:
		Superglue (is it in the locker?)
		Hard wire
	If you could give this to me tomorrow in physics class, that'll be
	From locker/Tim:
		New sensors
		Soldering iron
		Glue gun
		Robot (base and touch sensors... but if it's more
convenient to keep everything together, then just leave it together)
	Pls give this stuff to me sometime tonight or tomorrow afternoon
(I have artsy class till 2pm and I plan to start on this at 2:30).

My plan is to get all the sensors fixed and remounted (no work for you
guys hopefully) before Skule Nite ends.  After Skule Nite, Tim should come
by and pick up the robot so that he could test the comp program.  If I am
super good, then I'll even have the IR stuff ready.

	Estimated time to complete new bumpers: 3.5 hrs.
	So I should be able to pull it off.

	IR could be trickier...

Joyce :)