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Re: More on batteries

On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 03:04:20PM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> It should be fine.  6" is about 15 cm and our robot is more than 30 cm in
> diameter.

You'll need to either cut or unscrew some bolts in order to get a
large battery of that size loaded onto Zeta.  The bolts from the
low-friction rollers block the entrance to Zeta's interior.

You didn't state the other dimensions of the proposed battery.

The total height of 2.5 inches is a tight fit.  If you use this
battery, you will need to raise the 2nd-level platform by about 0.5
inches.  This will make the belts that power the wheels tighter.  This
may be good or bad.

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