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Re: More on batteries

> On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Cindy Wong wrote:
> > In terms of price, this particular one is at a unit price of $35.28 +
> > ~$10 in shipping and handling.
> That's US $$?

No, that's Canandian.

> > Should I order?  I have the specs if you want to look at
> > them.  The model no. is LC-T122P(a).
>  Um.. the physical dimension of the battery seems to be too big.  It's
> over 6" long.  Does it fit on our robot?  

It should be fine.  6" is about 15 cm and our robot is more than 30 cm in

> Maybe LC-R121R3P(a) is better, but it's Amphr is lower.

No, because it's too wide.  I'm more concerned with that.