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Re: Batteries

> I dunno.  The Panasonic ones are lead acids not gel cells.  And there is a
> difference.  I think gel cells are better protected against shorts.
> My guess is that the price is US.  Are you sure that you can't buy gel
> cells in regular stores?

Go back to that page that you sent me Joyce.  This is what it says:

"Sealed lead acid batteries can be either flooded or gelled.
If gelled, then these batteries cannot spill and will not give off
explosive hydrogen gas when charging.  They do not need to be vented and
will not freeze if exposed to severely cold weather.  They can be used in
close proximity to the inverters and charge controllers without fear of
corrosive gasses being vented near the sensitive electronic equipment.
They also have a long life expectancy when used according to the
manufacturer's recommendations.  With all of these wonderful qualities,
why don't we all use them for all off-grid installations?"

The first line clearly says that gel cells ARE lead acid batteries.  The
whole shorting thing is a speculation.  We don't know that.