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Re: Gears, Belts, and Bearings

I don't have a yellowpages handy and may not be able to visit all these
today (I'm going at 4 with a friend who so graciously offered to drive).
I'm not going to Downsview, but of the others, which seemed like they
would have the SMALL parts that we're looking for?  Joyce??


On Sat, 26 Feb 2000, Joyce Poon wrote:

> Cindy, I just flipped through the Yellow Pages this morning.  Have you
> tried going to the Toronto Bearings and Belting Ltd. (124 Oakdale in
> Downsview)?  They claim to have a bunch of stuff.  There are also some
> places you might want to investiage into:
> 	Polyparts Canada  75 E. Beaver Creek 905 886 7295
> 	Timing Pulleys of Canada  112 Sinnot  751 2121
> 	Professional Belt Services Inc.  7351 Victoria Park  905 479 3029
> I don't know whether the last one makes belts for motors or conveyor
> belts.  Anywho, you too could look up manufacturers online, in the yellow
> pages, and also go to the places described in the lab manual (I heard
> ??The Canadian Bearing Co.?? <it's in the manual> has a bunch of stuff
> too).