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More on batteries

Okay, here's the scoop.

I found a Panasonic sealed lead acid batteries that is good in size (the
height may be an issue, but could be adjusted if necessary).  It weighs
approximately 1.4 lbs (a lot better than the 4.2 lbs) and has a 2.0 Ah for
a rated capacity of 20 hours rate.  That last part doesn't mean
much.  Essentially, with the current we draw out of this thing (1.5A),
it's duration of discharge will be about 30 minutes to an hour (this is
assuming that the current will not be at a constant 1.5A). Now, if
we want to hook up both motors up to ONE battery, discharge time will
probably be halved.

In terms of price, this particular one is at a unit price of $35.28 +
~$10 in shipping and handling.

Should I order?  I have the specs if you want to look at
them.  The model no. is LC-T122P(a).