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Re: Gears, Belts, and Bearings

> 	Polyparts Canada  75 E. Beaver Creek 905 886 7295
> 	Timing Pulleys of Canada  112 Sinnot  751 2121
> 	Professional Belt Services Inc.  7351 Victoria Park  905 479 3029
> I don't know whether the last one makes belts for motors or conveyor
> belts.  Anywho, you too could look up manufacturers online, in the yellow
> pages, and also go to the places described in the lab manual (I heard
> ??The Canadian Bearing Co.?? <it's in the manual> has a bunch of stuff
> too).

Speaking of manuals, umm...have you guys seen mine?  Is the one in the
locker mine cause I can't seem to find it anywhere at home.