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Re: Plans for the next few weeks

On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 02:58:47PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> I have the following ready to be integrated:
> 	Bumper sensors
> 	Motor circuit
> 	Speed sensors

Of these, bumper sensors are a gimmee (although not from a
software-testing perspective!), and the motor circuit has been tested
in a simple manner with the computer.

Putting these on the actual robot with the actual program will be a
good goal.

I don't think the lab computers support the 6502 monitor program, which
makes our task XX many times more difficult.  If these things are done
at home, I can simply upload slightly modified programs easily (except
for one remaining monitor program bug I haven't solved yet).

Essentially most of these things are "put them together and let Tim
make sure Qubit understands what they're saying".  :-)

I take Saturday night to trace down the last monitor bug, and create
some Tunables in Qubit.  On Monday, Cindy and I try to put these
things together.  Joyce will need to check the connections.  Without a
6502 monitor program in the lab, erasing eproms may become a nuisance,
so either a) bug Malone to get the monitor working in the lab (or
different lab computers), or b) just hope it isn't too big a nuisance.

There is also a socket on the 6502 board that I need to replace.  This
will take a little time.  Until it's replaced, the board will probably
have a tendency to reboot periodically.  Replacing it will hopefully (!)
fix that problem.

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