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Re: Batteries (time sensitive)

On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 11:52:39AM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> Did the batteries short circuit because allegator clips were hanging
> loose?  If so, that problem shouldn't be too great a deal when we have our

Well, they short-circuited because something went horribly wrong.  :-)

In general that shouldn't (and won't) happen.  :) :)

Joyce may experience a few short-circuits that occur if, eg, the
voltage regulator breaks for no good reason.  Damage from these could
be minimized by putting a 1Ohm resistor in series with the batteries
so that they're never truly short-circuited.

Shorting a lead-acid battery isn't particularly good for it, either.
Expected life span drops like a rock, I believe...  It is possible to
boil car batteries, so I would'nt be surprised if the same can be done
with whatever lead-acid batteries you buy.

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