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Re: Good-news, Bad-news

> Good news:
> 	- I have purchased the battery holders for $5

Thanks Tim!!!  =)
Oh, do we have those clips that Joyce needs?

> 	- We have 90 new AA batteries

Whoo hoo!!!

> 	- Surayai (sp?) assures me that we will not be evaluated
> 	  Monday.


> 	- I will be really tired on Monday...If you want me to do any
> 	  test programs that require thinking, I will tell you to write them
> 	  youself (very easy to do (really!) --- it's just standard C)

Umm...ha ha ha...yeah, you'll probably see me struggle with such terrible
programming that you'd just push me aside and take the keyboard away from

> 	- Malone may not like me at the moment.


> I know Cindy plans to construct.

Not too much, just finishing touches and some fix-ups here and there.