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Good-news, Bad-news

So you guys know where we stand for Monday's lab:

Good news:

	- I have purchased the battery holders for $5
	- I have purchased a buzzer for $1
	- We have 90 new AA batteries
	- We have a working monitor program: I can make any type of
	  test program you want in under 10 minutes and upload it.
	- Surayai (sp?) assures me that we will not be evaluated

Bad news:

	- I don't trust my 6522 chip: It stopped working and appeared
	  to be completely dead.  Now it works again.  It could be something
	  other than the 6522.  Qui sais.  I have performed activities
	  on the 6522 that could conceviably have damaged it.
	- I will be really tired on Monday...If you want me to do any
	  test programs that require thinking, I will tell you to write them
	  youself (very easy to do (really!) --- it's just standard C)
	- Malone may not like me at the moment.
	- Malone has not yet confirmed the modification needed to make
	  the monitor work in conjunction with interrupts.
	- I think Joyce has my keys

I'm not sure what plans I have for Monday's lab.  I guess Joyce and I
should try to write a program that tests the sensors when they're in
full switching mode and connected to the computer.

I know Cindy plans to construct.

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