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Just finished a conversation with a 3rd year...

He says it should be possible to find OP505s at Radio Shack, albiet
for a somewhat nastier price than you'd otherwise pay.

Depending on the price at Radio Shack, I think we may be better-off
doing one of i) waiting and hope they come back in stock in a month,
ii) using a different sensor.

Incidentally, I think I found a couple of bugs that prevented my
interrupt demo program from working correctly.  Just so you know, I
have not yet had a single piece of demo code work correctly the first
time I try it on the actual 6502 board.  I'm not going to try the
modified (and hopefully fixed) interrupt demo until Monday.

The 3rd year had good things to say about photo diodes.  He said photo
diodes are very hard to find --- I wonder where Roy got his.  I don't
know if they can be used in place for photo transistors.  Apparently
the feature people usually like about them is that they have much
higher frequency response than photo transistors, but a less known
side benefit is that they are also much more sensitive.  <sigh>  If
this had been known this _before_ constructing the sensor circuit.

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