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Re: Tasks Accomplished Feb3

> Cindy: it appears that putting a Faraday cage around some of the
> sensor circuit may help its stability.  It may not be necessary.  It
> would be useful if some appropriate conducting metal were saved for
> the purpose should it turn-out to be helpful.
> [Faraday cage is my big word for the day ... it's just a grounded
>  metal box].

I'm glad you included that last part, or else, I wouldn't have known what
it was.  Yup, there should be plenty of metal left.  Don't worry.

What Cindy has accomplished:

The base is basically done.  I have to drill some holes into the supports
and then I can mount the wheel and gears.  That will be done by next lab.
Right now, I'm cleaning up the upper levels.

Joyce, I need to know what the touch sensors look like so that I can drill
holes to the base or whatever to mount them before I get all that stuff on
it.  Thanks.

I will be working during Reading Week.