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Re: Tasks Accomplished Feb3

On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 08:54:59PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> Today I tried to boost sensor range w/ a bit of success (thanx Tim).  Had

I didn't do much: the multiple detectors was only the slightest
variation of our TA's idea and you did the alternate op-amp thing.

I soldered until I ran out of wire to solder into ports.  

Plans: Do as much thermo + fluids + physics as I can tonight and
tomorrow, and then go hard-core on design over the weekend.  I want a
minimally functional Qubit by Wednesday.  I don't expect to accomplish
this (though).

Cindy: it appears that putting a Faraday cage around some of the
sensor circuit may help its stability.  It may not be necessary.  It
would be useful if some appropriate conducting metal were saved for
the purpose should it turn-out to be helpful.

[Faraday cage is my big word for the day ... it's just a grounded
 metal box].

> Things I should have done but did not do: Investigate the reed relay.

We've got to get a hold of a scope of our own.

> Plans: Investigate and purchase good opamps. Build rectifier & Digitizer
> (circuit for comp output).  Solder up the emitter.

I need to buy more wire, sooner or later.  I'm not sure when.

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