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Re: Motors, Lab, etc.

On Sun, 23 Jan 2000, Cindy Wong wrote:

> After reading Malone's e-mail, should we consider getting completely
> different motors all together?  I don't know the motor's rpm right now.
> However, 
> 1)	we DO have fairly large wheels (compared to the ones Malone talks
> 	about)
> 2)	our robot might be fairly heavy (I'm suggesting this because of
> 	the thickness of Lexan he referred to compared to the one we have) 
> 3)	I'm not sure how well I can manage a complicated gearing system

Um... the motor control circuit is already all built (both circuits).  So
if you do have to pick a new motor, pls pick one that's going to be
compatible with the circuit (the circuit works for the little motor) (I
mean in terms of voltage & current draw).  Dan Manns is also using the
same motors and he built a little gear box thing ... if he can handle it,
so can you.

Joyce :)