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Re: Amp + Filter sensor circuits

Hey gang!

I would have replied earlier, but I was out shopping.  Wheels are bought.
After going through stores looking for the appropriate ones, I have to
say, I really had the urge to just steal a shopping cart and take apart
its wheels!  =/

Seeing all the concerns, I think we should definitely find a time to sit
down and discuss our current situation.  Lunch time tomorrow?

>    If Cindy needs something at Active Surplus for Thursday, she is
>    advised to state her needs now.

I think I'm going to go to Active Surplus myself sometime to check things

Also, I shall be looking into getting some sheet metal on Friday for the
bumper.  If either of you would like to join me, that would be much
appreciated.  It's close to the Dundas west subway station.  A friend
recommanded that I did not travel alone.  =)

I'll go add in my expenses soon.