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Re: Amp + Filter sensor circuits

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
> If you think it's necessary for us to meet, choose a time.  There's
> nothing I need to discuss immediately.

After last night, I think we don't really have to meet tonight.  zzz
> Here's our current standing:
> 1) H-Bridge
>    Joyce: I'll try calling you after my 3-5 class today.  I seem to remember
>    that both Active Surplus and Supremetronic are still open at that
>    time.  If you know what type of relay we need, I can probably pick one
>    up.

	Grr... ok I'll check out relays until 3pm (shivers down spine).
> 2) Comp
>    I'll post the usual statement of intent for Thursday's lab later
>    (Wednesday night).  It'll depend somewhat on what Joyce plans to do
>    with her motor control circuit.

I like my motor circuit.  If things were going my way, I would frame up my
working H-bridge and nail it to your door as a constant reminder that big
motors are EVIL.  ;)

I'll look into the relays.

>    Somehow I've gotten one of the wrong chips in the board.  Joyce?
>    Do you have a 74hc74 chip in your plastic box?  I had a 74ls47 plugged
>    into the socket where a 74hc74 belonged...  Needless to say, this
>    caused some small problems...  :)  Hopefully the correct 7474 is in
>    your box somewhere.  Otherwise we'll need to buy another from
>    Active.  The board was tested using one of Malone's 74hc74s.

	No, I only own a 4050 chip now (that's my driver chip).  You'll
have to buy a 74HC74.

> 3) EM
>    Battery supply question still up-in-the-air pending resolution of
>    the H-Bridge problem.

	The H-bridge is not a problem -- it's the motor. I think I will
cry now.

Joyce :)