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Okay, I don't know if I'm not doing the math right, or whether I should
really look elsewhere for batteries.  I looked at batteries.com and these
are the specs/prices I got.

Before I give you my analysis, let me tell you what my temporary
conclusion is.  I think we're better off buying alkaline batteries. 

For recharageables, I've narrowed our choices down to Nickel cadmium and
Nickel metal hydride.  Here is a comparison between all three (note: they
are all AA sizes).

Also, the mAh for the Alkaline is an approximate because the shopping site
did not show the specs.  I had to look in a manufacturer's site and it may
vary with brands, I presume.

				NiCD		NiMH		Alkaline

voltage				1.2		1.2		1.5
mAh ("milli" amp hours)		650		1200		~2850
approximate number needed
	to meet req'ments	38		20		7
	for big motor
	(ie. amphours = 5)
unit cost (this is the kicker!)	$19.99/4	$25.99/4	$28.99/72
total cost			~$200		~$130		~$30	

shipping time			1-2 weeks	24 hours	24 hours

So, what do you think?  =)  I may look at Canadian Tire to see what their
prices are like, but I think Alkaline is probably the way to go.  Please
reply and give feedback.  Since rechargeable batteries were suggested (by
whom?), I'm wondering whether I'm just missing something here.