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Re: Design-Free Design Email

Did you have doubts on Tim's abilities?  =)  Yes, Tim deserves a pat on
the back for all the work he's put into this project.  <pat pat>

I'd like to learn about the comp stuff too if Tim doesn't mind spending
too much time.  This also goes for the interface stuff Joyce.  If you
don't mind spending some time with me, I'd like to learn.  =)


On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Joyce Poon wrote:

> I know this is design-free rest of the monday, but this is not really
> design related (directly).
> I just want to applaud Tim for spending so much time investigating the
> 6502 board and writing to the programmers of the 6502 assembly language &
> compiler (I think).  Malone is kind of touchy about his compiler... tho
> didn't one guy said he would never write the compiler for huge sums of $$ 
> (I think they are talking about the same thing...)? I read thru your
> emails & comp notes just now. Most impressive! 
> Wow Tim.  
> However, although I may not be as in tune with computers as you are, I
> would appreciate it if you could brief me on what you are up to with the
> comp stuff, so that I am not totally clueless as to what other members in
> the grp is up to.
> Anyway, job well done Tim.
> Joyce :)