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Re: Dec. 16 field trip

> Yep.  Actually, I think I know where Active is, so to make life easier for
> Cindy, Tim and I can just walk down there while you (Cindy) can get off at
> Queen's Station (or whatever the closest subway stop is).  This way
> you (Cindy) don't have to commute for an hour and walk another 20 mins...
> Hold on... Active is at Beverley & Queen's St. right?

How long do you think we'll be there?  If we're talking about 2 hours max,
I think 10:00 will be fine.  Besides, stores usually open around that time
anyway right?

As for where it is...it's on Queen's.  Usually, I just walk and haven't
really paid attention to the intersection.  Well, if you guys are coming
from Spadina and walking eastwards on Queen's, you shouldn't miss it.
Sorry, not much help.  Umm, if it helps, Sushi Time is right next to it?

Good luck,