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Re: Dec. 16 field trip

I hope everyone had a chance to relax for a bit.

On Sun, 12 Dec 1999, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> I don't recalling agreeing on a set time for our field trip.
> Any proposals?  For me and Joyce, it probably doesn't make a
> difference.
Yep.  Actually, I think I know where Active is, so to make life easier for
Cindy, Tim and I can just walk down there while you (Cindy) can get off at
Queen's Station (or whatever the closest subway stop is).  This way
you (Cindy) don't have to commute for an hour and walk another 20 mins...

Hold on... Active is at Beverley & Queen's St. right?

> Tatyana of physics lecture infamy has office hours that day from 1:00
> to 3:00 and I would like to work around some part of those hours (on
> the theory that she may give away some exam questions if coached
> properly).

Here's what I know so far about fizzix:
I think York said there'll be 4 questions.  At least one will be from the
stuff before the midterm, & at least 1 will be on the statistical stuff.
But the stats question won't be too hard (since there'll be no formula

Let's go bright and early on Thursday (9 or so?).

Also, I am at home right now and won't be back at New until Wed probably.
My home phone # is 416-512-1963 if you have to call me.

See ya l8ter!

Joyce :)