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Re: Last minute opportunity (NOT!)

Sorry guys, I have my artsy class from 6-8 (and so does Cindy) ... hence I
don't think a meeting after school will be that great (unless we meet at

On another note, I think A LOT of people are going to see Malone on Wed
(tomorrow).  I will try be  at the aero lab at 8. Please try to be there
by 8:30 so we can legitimately go first. Everyone I have spoken to says
they'll be there on Wed.  Of course, I didn't tell them that we'll be
there by 8 ;)

I propose the following tentative plan of action:

Cindy -- would you please prepare some drawings for Malone tonight?
	While Tim & I madly finish our essays, it would be really helpful
if you could write down an outline of what we have dicussed in terms of 3
categories as well  -- Electromech, Interface/Sensory, Comp/Strategy.

If I have time tonight, I will definitely help you out.  I could email you
a list of what I think should be covered and you could add it onto your
list (Tim can do the same).  If we all get to the aero lab early enough,
we can discuss some more tomorrow.

See you bright and early tomorrow.
Time for some last minute ODE.  Good Luck everyone.

Joyce :)