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Re: Last minute opportunity (NOT!)

On Mon, Nov 22, 1999 at 10:22:37PM -0500, malone@aerospace.utoronto.ca wrote:
>     There will be a special opportunity for groups to discuss
> projects Tuesday from 10am-5pm.  If none of the members of a group
> have class at some time, they may take advantage of this
> opportunity.  

Haha.  Malone will soon start thinking our class really has very
little interest in design this year.  :)  Although he certainly
will get some visitors, I have this strange suspicion that they will
be very few in number...  :-)

I don't think very many people are in Joyce's rather enviable position
of actually having studied apm over the weekend...  :)

Second semester is going to be *so* much easier than first...  (And
don't bother telling me that third-years disagree...  This is a _very_
considered opinion...  :)

More to the point, though...  Do we want to meet shortly on Tuesday
after apm to just go over our planned attack on Malone?  I would
insist on keeping such a meeting short (unfortunately), and I tend to
think it's not necessary, but as usual, I'm open to contrary
opinions...  :)

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