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Re: Motors and Sensors [was: Re: Webpages? #1: mech + elec pages...]

A fast robot will be a bonus (I think) especially in the pursue mode
(though it could come in handy in the evade mode as well). However, I
don't think it is wise to just build a robot that bounces off walls is a
good idea... it definitely does not work for evasion.  I suppose it could
work for the pursue mode, but I am just not a big fan of random factors :)

Hiding: I wonder if you really need to stop completely or just slow down.
THere is no way of knowing whether the place that we are "hiding" is a
actually a good place to hide (unless the sensors and gather some info on
the obstacle and the comp can figure out that the robot is hiding in an
advantageous spot).

Basically my take on the speed issue is that the robot should be able to
go fast (better too fast than too slow).

Joyce :)