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Re: To turn or not to turn

(huge sigh...) I don't really understand this time-dependence/turning
idea. However, I still think that the robot can change direction without
turning, even when we take time into account (ie in the real world). There
is an actual electromechanical difference.  Maybe I can actually show you
over dinner sometime and then maybe it'll turn out that we are all
thinking about the same thing or maybe I'm wrong.

On another note, I never claimed that this idea was my own idea.  I didn't
get what Malone said when he questioned whether turning was a necessity
on Fri & now I think I know what he meant.  I'm sorry if I made it seem
that way.  Moreover, we don't have to build a non-turning robot at all.
It's just an idea we can entertain.

Joyce :)