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Miscellania, Trivia, and Everything Else

[actual subject: 1) meeting Malone, 2) design links, 3) email & co.

 ...  I couldn't resist using the non-useful Subject header for the
 sake of the short-lived posterity granted design emails...  ;-)  I
 will restrain myself much more effectively in the future...  I


Okay, I guess this is the inaugural email...  :)

1)  Meeting Malone

Looking at aer201 homepage, Malone doesn't seem to have office hours
on Monday, as we though per our discussion earlier this evening.
Tomorrow (Friday) or Wednesday are his nearest two sets of office
hours for discussing design projects.  I am in favour of trying to
have a short chat with him tomorrow morning.  I know Cindy will be
around for the circuits lab (and Joyce lives within about 30 seconds
walk ;-).

Since we don't have any classes tomorrow, we'll have to decide by
email.  My suggestion is that we try to grab his attention sometime
between lunch and 2pm (the start of the circuits lab).

WRT the proposal, the aer201 homepage says a little bit about what
Malone expects.

2)  Design links

There are a lot of links on the aer201 homepage to various suppliers.
It occurred to me that we could split them up and each take a cursory
look at a certain group of pages.  I don't think this is a good idea.
I'm not mentioning it for my sake...

I think it's better to just read whatever looks interesting from the
supplier's links page.  Anyways.

3) email & co.

Okay, as I mentioned, all email from either poonj@ecf or wongci@ecf
will be archived in my aer201 file.  I've also Cc'd this message to
myself so that my own messages get archived in the same place.

[If I ever forget to Cc: myself, just yell at me...]

Be careful that replies are addressed to all parties.

If either of you send me a message that contains the word "URGENT" in
the subject, my computer will treat it appropriately.  Once every hour
I fetch email from the 'net.  If an urgent message exists, my computer
will begin beeping until I attend to it.  This is by no means a
guarantee that I will read the message within an hour, but it is
sometimes the best way to reach me.

Other ways of finding me...

physically: my room number is 363 in Wetmore Hall of New...
audially: phone # (416) 341-0935
electronically: vanderh@ecf

I believe I can also create a shared directory on skule.  This could
make it easy for us to keep track of information, share files, etc.
and whatever.  I think this is probably not a bad idea, although it
would probably take me 15-30 minutes to setup and then some time to
explain to both of you how to share directories (eg. Don't just simply
overwrite somebody's file!  Use version control!!).  Such a directory
probably wouldn't be used for too much more than listing simply
reference information, but otoh, it could be more useful.  I don't
know.  Comments before I do anything?

[This would also be a chance for you to become slightly acquanted with
 RCS, something about which you will be eternally grateful for the
 next two years or so that you use ecf].

Finally, apologies for the long email message.

Signature withheld by request of author.