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kit return

only the person that paid the kit deposit has to be present for the kit
return.  since i paid it, i could just return it myself tomorrow to save
you guys the trouble.

i went through all my stuff and the following items are missing (some of
which i know are in the locker):

power supply (in locker)	
solderless protoboard
iron controller
soldering iron
soldering stand
soldering sponge
desoldering pump
small clear parts box (i don't think we ever had one)
power bar
kit tote with lid
cloth bag (in locker)
2 squares of guard plywood
tim, if you get this message before 6:15 ish or so, then give me a call
and I'll pick up the kit & anything that belongs in the kit from you.
Otherwise, i guess we can sort this out tomorrow post-physics tutorial.