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Intelligence Subsystem Intro

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4 Intelligence Subsystem

4.1 Assessment of the Problem

	A tag robot can be made to function at the simplest level
of moving towards a beacon or moving away from a beacon --- persue
and evade, respectively.  However, as any human who has ever played
tag knows, choosing the optimal path in which to run, in both the
persue and evade cases, is an extraordinarily complex problem.
The requirements for the intelligence subsystem were that it be
able to control the motors and read that sensors, Zeta's feet and
eyes, but also that it be imbued with the minimal intelligence to
persue and evade a beacon, and almost as importantly, the ability
to have this intelligence expanded and improved in future versions
or prototypes.
	Reading the impact sensors required only the ability to do
simple input.  Reading the IR (XXX acronym) sensors was a multistep
process the steps of which are listed in table XXX.  This process,
and that of controlling the motors with PWM, required the use of
some type of timing mechanism.
	To give Zeta the potential for intelligence, it was
required that she be able to track her location relative to a
starting location.  She needed to be able to respond to sensors
in the context this map and in the context of concurrent and
previous sensor input.

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