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Acceptance Criteria

Cindy should read this section, too, particularly the table at the end.

Acceptance Criteria

	Zeta was developed in response to an RFP (XXX
acronym/abbreviation, expand, etc.) calling for tag robot
prototypes.  The specific requirements of the RFP can be found in
table XXX.  The general requirement was that Zeta be able to
persue and evade a beacon mounted on another robot, that is, Zeta
needed to be able to play tag.  In addition to constraints placed
by the RFP, additional constraints on Zeta were placed by the timeframe
available, by financial constraints, and by the team's desire to
produce a superior tag playing robot.  Of these constraints, the
quantitative ones are listed in table XXX.  Several qualitative
constraints were also placed on Zeta.  General qualitative
requirements placed on all subsystems were that they be visually
appealling, not excessively expensive, and easy to assemble and
disassemble.  Specific requirements were that Zeta must be able
to remember the location of walls and that the range at which she
could detect her beacon must be compareable to competing tag
[XXX I shouldn't really refer to the concept of a subsystem in
the above text, since the subsystems don't get introduced until
the next section.]
[XXX Check verb tenses in this paragraph...]

Table XXX: Constraints placed on Zeta by the RFP

 - The total mass must be under 10kg [XXX notation].
 - The maximum speed must be under 3ft/s [XXX notation].
 - The maximum planform dimension must be under 45cm [XXX notation].
 - Zeta must have a bumper system around her perimeter.  The
bumpers must span the vertical interval from 4cm to 6cm off the
 - The total height must be between 25cm and 30cm.
 - The mass of the beacon must be under 400g.

Table XXX: Additional constraints placed on Zeta by her design team

(*) All requirements listed in this table are "soft", that is, a
design exceeding the requirements or almost meeting the
requirements is considered as acceptable as a design meeting the
requirements exactly.

Time required to accelerate to 3ft/s		0.5s

Amount of time required for the computer
to check the sensors that detect the
beacon						0.1s

[XXX It would be nice if we could think of a few more things to
list here...]

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