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Final Report

Just to make sure, here's the division of responsibility:

Tim: Acceptance of criteria, Division of Problem, Integration, Standard Op

Cindy: Suggestions for improvements, Conclusions

Joyce: Intro, Perspective, Description of Hardware, & all the compilation

Tim - Cindy and I were talking about this earlier today, and we think that
there are more resources available uptown (where we live) on the weekends
than down here.  All the photocopying places will be closed around here on
Sunday, but in the suburban north, places will still be open.  I also have
a colour printer and a quasi-scanner at home. This will also make it
easier for Cindy because it'll take her less time to drop off her EM
drawings at my house on Sunday than to come all the way down here.  So if
you trust me to compile all the stuff & proofread/edit, I can just do it
at home where I can get the whole thing bounded and ready for monday. In 
fact, I plan to make 3 copies for each of us too since Malone will be
keeping our submitted copy.  If you really want to have a look at the
stuff, I guess I can email the stuff to you Sat night.  

	If you don't mind this way of doing the report (Cindy
and I are already OK with it), I would like to have from Cindy & you all
the stuff you guys want to include in the report preferably on Friday (you
can give it to me on a disk or email stuff to me).  For flow charts &
tables, please make it in Word or PowerPoint (Windows App).  Tim, since
you probably are anti-Windows, just draw out the chart, and I guess I
could make it.  Text files are OK, but Word documents are probably best.
Actually, have both, just in case the Word Doc doesn't open properly which
often happens.

	I think this way of compiling is probably the most efficient and
effective.  You'll also have time to study for your artsy exam and write
your artsy essay over the weekend, Tim.  

	Let's take our colour photo sometime tomorrow.  Maybe after
physics tutorial?  I'll talk to Kevin.

Looking forward to oral review,