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Re: IR sensors

On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 10:58:12AM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> I checked the connections in the lab.  The 7805 is not shorted.  Watch
> where you are connecting things.

No, Joyce.  The wire labelled "relay" was simply wrong.  When I used
it, the relay board shorted the power.  When I fixed it, the relays
worked.  Option b is that it was mislabelled.

Option b isn't really an option since even without labelling, the fact
that it's got three wires means it must be the one to connect to the
relay (instead of the amp/filter).

Mistakes happen, don't worry about it.  The point is that you
should've given me the other components so that I could fix whatever
fried (fortunately nothing) due to the screwed-up power connection.

> > I need any, and I don't know whether the velcro that's supposed to hold
> > the computer box together is lost or whether you have it.  
> It's in the shoppers drug mart bag that I gave you.  You left it lying
> around in the lab, and I picked it up at the end.  

Okay, I found it.  I had actually looked at the piece of velcro, but
it had looked too small to fit around the plastic box so I put it back
in the back last night.

> Why would you need 20 resistors?  20 caps?  20 LEDs?  You'll just mess my
> stuff up.

33% my stuff, unless you plan to pay for those yourself, and no, I
will not mess your stuff up.  Get over it.  I will not sit here and
work on the robot while you work on whatever it is you please unless you
at least co-operate.

> Strangely enough, the essay is worth more than the rest of design.

I told you, finish the essay, but don't sit on parts that I might

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