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      Schedule of this and the next 2 weeks:

Monday:  Open until 7pm

Tuesday: Open until 3:30pm (We all break for thermo 1-2)

Wednesday: Open until 7pm

Thursday:  Regular lecture 2-3pm for all.
           Open until 8pm ish.

Friday: Design Free as always.

Saturday: opens at 8am.

Sunday: opens at 8am.

Monday: All groups with M primary or secondary are evaluated
        for final evaluation.

Tuesday: All other groups evaluated.  (Groups who are primary and
        secondary W/R should approach me if they have a Tuesday 
        conflict and a solution to suggest, otherwise it is Tuesday.)

Wednesday: No required lab for anyone.
           Lecture 2-3pm in WB116 (replaces the Thursday lecture that week)
           Lab open to demonstrating students 3pm

Thursday: Demonstrations 1-7pm (setup to cleanup)  SF 1013
          (Fluids and Design lecture moved)

Friday:   Fluids lecture 8-9am in the regular room, and again
          10-11am in WB116 
          Design Free as always.

Saturday: closed!

Sunday:   closed!

Monday:   Reports (25%) Due
          Oral Reviews

Tuesday:  Oral Reviews, notebooks, Lecture notebooks

Wednesday: Kit return (Oral Reviews depending on numbers)

Thursday:  Kit return (Oral Reviews depending on numbers)

Friday:    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH (sorry)

Please direct any questions to me in the lecture this Thursday.

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M.J. Malone,  Assistant Professor
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
4925 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario, M3H 5T6
Email Address: malone@aerospace.utoronto.ca     **** Email is best!
UTIAS Office: rm 183, phone: (416) 667-7942
Downtown Off: SF4003, phone: (416) 978-3130  Fax: (416) 667-7799
http://www.aerospace.utoronto.ca   http://www.utias.utoronto.ca