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VIA 6522 ports

Malone is not going to make the extra 6522 chips available until after
he is sure that everyone has at least one 6522.  Such a thing would
seem easy to ensure --- the complication is that some people will blow
their only 6522 and he wants to make sure that these people have a
replacement chip.

This means that there is a small chance our robot will need to use
only 16 input pins.  This would be a disaster...

On the nearer side of the probability chart, this means that we will
need to do without all 32 input pins for a while.  This will impact
our integration schedule and our testing schedule.  I can't even make
a guess as to when the second 6522 chips will be available.

I seem to remember that Active Surplus sold 6522s, but was merely
sold-out when I was looking for them.  They may have restocked them.
It may be that only WD's 6522 chips are acceptable 6522 chips.
Perhaps the next person to go down to Active should ask me for the
specific information and then ask if Active has restocked and if they
have the correct type.

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