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Re: Opto-Couples

I already got 2 (after a visit to my grandparents).  Unfortunately, Active
Electronics is sold out of IR detectors -- they'll be in stock next
Thurs/Fri.  I guess we'll have to cope with just 8 right now.  I'll see if
I can buy them off upper yrs if we find out that we really need more
(let's just check out the new opamps too first).  Oh yeah, I should
probably check out the specs for the optocouples before lab.

Joyce :)

PS Isn't it kind of cool that the yr of the dragon (symbol of strength,
royalty, grandiose etc.) is the yr 2000?

On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> Since you said you were going home this weekend for (Chinese) New
> Year's (happy new year), you might want to pick-up two pair of
> opto-couples for the wheel-speed sensors from Daiwa.
> I don't know when you'll get this message, of course...
> -- 
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